Evolusi KL Drift

9:45:00 AM

Evolusi KL Drift 2

Last Sunday, 3rd April,
hangout watching dis movie.
Went to Gurney Plaza.

Dapat jupe tengok movie nie.
Suka dengan Shamsul Kamal.
& also Scha Al-Yahya.
So boyish.
Wearing simple collar t-shirt and jeans.
Santai ;-)

After that having some meals at Dome.
Lovely place.

My Iced Chocolate

My chicken pie.

That day was my first day eating at Dome.
Thank cikant

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4 inspiration

  1. nyum.nyum.=).
    ayam tuu sedapp.

  2. ...waa u really like a hi speed ride ya...

  3. @Mohd Rozaiman
    not all of it.
    anyway thanks drop ur comment at my blog. ;-)



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