Launching off Penang’s first SF Coffee outlet

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Launching off Penang’s first SF Coffee outlet with the unveiling of mural art by Penang-raised artist

Penang, 2 July 2018 – San Francisco (SF) Coffee has opened its doors to the North, launching their very first Penang outlet set to whet local Penangites’ appetite with quality top-of-the-crop coffee, expert roasting, and great service.

Located in the bustling Gurney Plaza, the brand new coffee joint offers a “cool ambience” that is cosy and inspirational designed to stimulate all five senses of smell, touch, taste, hearing, and sight.

With each SF Coffee outlet displaying a unique identity, the first outlet in the North draws on the history of Gurney Drive and the sea, creating an oasis from the hectic life of modern Penang, offering a calm and serene space for consumers to enjoy the good stuff.

“We are really excited to bring SF Coffee to the shores of Penang; to deliver our unique SF Coffee experience to locals in an inspiring environment that celebrates creativity, all while sipping on a good cup of coffee,” said Ms. Koo Sue San, General Manager of SF Coffee.

Standing at 2,047 square feet, the SF Coffee outlet at Gurney Plaza can be divided into two: a more private lounge area screened off at the back; and a casual seating area at the entrance to allow customers to watch the world go by.

The coffee chain aims to combine the perfect blend of coffee, people, and space, with beans sourced from the best coffee farms around the world.

“It is our mission to create mood modulators - a multisensory experience for our customers to enjoy a wholesome and pleasing experience without compromising the quality of our coffee,” said Koo.
Coffee lovers of Penang can look forward to quality, fresh, and robust deliciousness as SF Coffee takes pride and diligence in the brewing process for every cup of coffee – from sourcing, cupping, to the roasting of the beans.

 The SF team with YB Syerleena Abdul Rashid, ADUN SERI DELIMA celebrating the launch of SF Coffee’s first Penang outlet

(L-R)Mr. Nabil Alwi, SF Coffee Head of Business Development;  Mr. Nik Azwaa, SF Coffee Head of Marketing; Dato’ Kamal YP Tan, Group Chief Executive Officer of Envictus International; Dato’ Jaya JB Tan, Chairman of Envictus International; Yang Berhormat Syerleena Abdul Rashid, ADUN SERI DELIMA; Mr. Khor Sin Kok, Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer of Envictus International; Mr. Mah Weng Choong, Independent Director of Envictus International; Ms. Koo Sue San, General Manager of SF Coffee; and Ms. Anna Maria, special guest and mural artist for SF Coffee’s first Penang outlet.

In conjunction with the launch, the first SF Coffee outlet in the North was alit with merriment as guests received a surprise visit from Yang Berhormat Syerleena Abdul Rashid, ADUN Seri Delima. She graced the event during the unveiling of multitalented artist Anna Maria’s mural wall fitting the theme of the first Penang outlet “Coffee, Beach and Sea”.

Koo shared that SF Coffee places an importance in supporting local artists by featuring their works at each outlet as part of their CSR.

The SF Team with the talented artist, Ms. Anna Maria and her beautiful mural

(L-R) Mr. Nik Azwaa, SF Coffee Head of Marketing; Ms. Koo Sue San, General Manager of SF Coffee; Dato’ Kamal YP Tan, Group Chief Executive Officer of Envictus International; Ms. Anna Maria, special guest and mural artist for SF Coffee’s first Penang outlet; and Dato’ Jaya JB Tan, Chairman of Envictus International.

Anna, a Penang-raised artist with an eclectic taste and a rare talent for creating taxidermy art, was ecstatic to be able to showcase her talent at SF Coffee's Penang outlet - an apt location as the now KL-based artist spent many years on the shores of Penang Island as a child.

Themed “Coffee, beach and sea” – The mural of multi-talented artist, Anna Maria revealed at Penang’s first SF Coffee .

“Having the opportunity to leave a piece of me in a place significant to my upbringing has allowed my career as an artist to come full-circle. I am grateful to be able to commemorate this significant launch with my artwork,” shared Anna.

Koo said that art is very much akin to coffee when it comes to bringing about the sensory experience of an individual.

“While the sense of hearing, smell, taste and touch are awakened with our sweet tunes, coffee, and the aroma of our freshly roasted coffee; similarly art allows us to culminate the all-round sensory experience as it helps evoke the sense of sight. Having Anna’s piece at our outlet has definitely elevated moods with its welcoming, warm vibe,” added Koo.

Also in attendance at the launch was Dato’ Jaya J.B Tan, Chairman of Envictus International who shared that the coffee industry is one that progresses quickly with ever changing demands and needs. 

“It is a challenging but a rewarding venture as we continue to expand, evolve, and adapt to meet the growing demands of our customers. With our first outlet in the North, we are excited to continue to bring SF Coffee to the rest of the nation with the next being in Johor,” said Dato’ Jaya.

Mr. Nik Azwaa, SF Coffee Head of Marketing (middle) with his vibrant team ready to serve Penang the “good stuff”.

Aside from Penang, SF Coffee currently has 40 other outlets located throughout the Klang Valley, Negeri Sembilan and Pahang.

For more information of San Francisco Coffee, please visit or visit their Facebook page here: .

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