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Tag by eyka hamasuba

1. ur hp model

Sonny Ericsson W910i limited edition
“Silky white”White + gold colour

2. A picture of it

Contoh je..
Tp hp sy bkn kaler nie..
“Silky white”White + gold colour

3. how many times did ur hp get tortured by u
Manede ade tortured.. sayang hp la..

4. which part of ur hp u hate the most n why
Camera.. pic x berape cantik..

5. which part of your hp u like most n why
I love my mp3.. love it much..

6. what icon do u like the most
Lambang ‘W’ for Walkman..
Sonny Ericsson je ade..

7. what else to change to become a perfect hp
More megapixels, cybershot, wifi..

8. you need a handphone bcause
Sms my friend ..
Call my friend ..
3G Video calls ..
MMS ..
Love mp3 ..
Takin picture ..
Listening radio ..

9. who bought this fone for you
I buy this handphone myself with my own money

10. with the total amount of ur hp price, what could u buy others than hp
I can shopping my clothes, high heels, wedges, jeans, handbag

11. is ur hp model popular in the market

Yes, I think so..

12. describe ur self as a smart hp user

Always take care of my hp..

13. how often do u charge ur hp
Bateri habis charge la..

14. estimate, how long could ur hp survive
Selagi x rosak, boleh pakai lagi, ok la tuh!!

15. actually r u interested in hp

Yup! Of course.. =)

16. are u happy with ur hp condition now

Okay la.. Hp nie masih baik lg..

17. every morning, what is the first thing u do with ur hp
Tengok jam pukul berape..
Check mesej kalau ader..

18. imagine someone takes ur hp away for 1 day. what would happen
I will hit dat person..
I can live without my handphone..

19. no hp no life. agree or bullshit
Yes, I Agree with it..

20. tag 6 sexy phone users
Nickey Nadia
Miss Chocolate
Ynaa Oh Ynaa
Didie Lola
Raihana SR

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