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March 13, 2009

The challenge is :
1) Go to your picture holder in your computer.
2) Go to 6th folder of photos
3) Go to 6th picture of that folder* put the picture on your blog n description of it..
* invite six friends to join the challengge..

Pic nie masa kt Jalan, Hamzah belakang KB Mall..
on da way nak balik my hometown, Penang.
Kat sebelah tu my friend, Hamimah..
Kiteorang tunggu bas nak balik hometown masing2..
Tapi sebelum tu lepak kt KB Mall dulu..

I want to tag :
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3 inspiration

  1. knp aku rse aku mcm ade ngn korng je time ni...wakaka

  2. mmg ko ade dgn aku..
    tp aku ade dgn hmm..

  3. Thank Clara, akhirnye terjawab sudah... tima aceh.... senyum selalu macam selalu....


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