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March 13, 2009

1. Are you single?
Yes.. I am single..

2. Are you happy about that?
Hmm.. sometimes..

3. Are you bored?
Follow my mood..

4. Are you sad?

5. Are you a queen/king control?
I don’t think so..

6. Are you plastic?

7. Are you cool?
Yup.. I think I am cool girl..

8. Are you chinese?
nop.. I malay..

9. Who are you?
I am Clara Emily Cancer who was 22 years old gurl dis year

1. Initials : Harmielia
2. Nicknames : Lia, Ya, Clara, Emily
3. Birth place : Hospital Bersalin Pulau Pinang
4. Hair color : Black
5. Age : 22
6. Eye color : Black Brown
7. Birthday : June 22, 1987
8. Mood : Cool
9. Favorite colors : Black & Pink
10. Left or right handed : Right handed

1. Smile or eyes :
2. Light or dark hair : Dark hair
3. Hugs or kisses : Both
4. Intelligence or attraction : Both
5. Hook-up or relationship : Relationship
6. Trust or love : Both
7. Long distance or close : Both
8. Call or text : Both
9. Older or younger : Both
10.Looks or Personality : Personality

1. Last phone call you made
Last night
2. Last phone call you received
Dis morning by my mom
3. Last person/people you hang out with
My school mate
4. Last person to text you
My bro
5. Last person you tickled
Do not remember
6. Last person you danced with
My housemates
7. Last person you hugged
My best friend
8. Last person you ate with
My family
9. Last person you sat in the car with
My office mate
10. Last person you kissed
My mom

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