Tag dari Miss Hawt Chocolate

Saya telah ditag oleh Miss Chocolate.. Thank You Yery much.

1. Tag

1. Pacirul
2. Nickey Nadia
3. Hann
4. Hadesque
5. Yui
6. Felly
7. Raihana SR
8. Ynaa Oh Ynaa
9. Cik Yuyu
10 .Eyka Hamasuba

2. How do u know 1??
I know him since from 4 in technical school.. he sit in front of me when in class.. then we become so close until now become close & best friend. He UITM student. Degree in Education.

3. What would u do if u met 2??
If I meet her, I want to hangout with her from early morning until late night.. nak berbual lama2.. dah lama kenal tp x penah jupe..

4. What would u do if 3 and 4 dated u??
Boleh wat reunion skolah teknik.. sebab kiteorang schoolmate. Dah lama x jupe.. contact kt myspace dgn ym jer.

5. Would 5 &6 make a good couple?
Yes they do. They know each others.

6. Do u think 7 is attractive??
Yes she do!!

7. Do u know anything about 8's family??
She have one brother and one sister.

8. Tell me sumthin about 9..
From terengganu..

9. What language does 2 speak??
Malay + English.. kite suma faham la..

10. Who is 3 goin out with?
Mayb with her friends only. He doest have girlfrenz.

11. How old is 4?
Same with me. goin 22 dis year!

12. 5??
Seorang yang peramah kat blogger nie..

13. Who is 6 fav singer?
I do know.. huhu

14. 7??
kawan blogger saya yang baik,

15. Is 8 single?
Nop la.. dia dh nak bertunang.. xlama lagi nak kawen dh..

16. What is 9 last name?
Yuyu kut..

17. Would u consider being relationship wif 1??
Yes we r u good friend.

18. What are u talking about??

19. Which skul does 2 go to?
SMK Zainab kut..

20. What do u like about 4?
Suke dia sbb dia pendek dari aku.. boleh aku gelak kat dia.. huhu

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  1. hahaha...oyteeee...aku dh tinggi skit la skunk..apela..

  2. hehe..
    yeke tggi cmne tuh..
    brp cm?

  3. hahahha...saje je kann...dlu mmg ar aku pendek...tiskk..

  4. hehe..
    ko ngaku gak akhirnya..
    yes aku menang..
    ko lbh krg nadiah alwani je..

  5. blom2...aku tanak ngaku kalah lg..weckk weckk...hahahaha..

  6. hehe..
    brp tggi ko..
    mesti 153 cm jer kan..