extra hot pery pery ;-)

March 05, 2010

Last Saturday, hangout with my brother went to Gurney Plaza, Penang.
Spent time together with my bro, Wan.
Person who is understanding me and caring about me.
Loving me like her own sister.
You are my great brother I ever had.
Window shopping.
Have our dinner at Nando's.
One of my fast food list.
Nyum Nyum

Gurney Plaza Outlet
Lot No 170-G-72 & 170-01-68,
Plaza Gurney,
12050 Penang.

Grilling Hours :

10am - 10pm (weekdays)
10am - 11pm (weekends)

Tel :

04 - 227 6555
016 - 218 3542

I love Nando's very much.
because there have a lot of sauces.
4 types.
Extra Hot Peri-Peri, Hot Peri-Peri, Hot Sweet Peri-Peri and Tomato.

Bottomless Ice Lemon Tea.
Can refill many times.

1/4 Chicken Extra Hot Peri Peri with sidelines Peri Chips and Peri 3 bean salad.

1/4 Chicken Hot Peri Peri with sidelines Peri Chips and Peri 3 bean salad.

Wearing my bro sunglass.

Bluetooth our songs.
We are Sony Ericsson lover.

Nando's nice decoration.

Lastly, my pose in the lift.
wearing my black & white dress and white big handbag.
Time to go back home.
Tomorrow was my working day.
Have a great day and nice weekends.

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9 inspiration

  1. kat sini ada nandos halal
    bleh la makan slalu

  2. joegrimjow,
    so boleh r makan gak.
    xde r kempunan kan..
    jom makan nando's!

  3. Shafie,
    mmg nandos sedap pun shafie.

    pic last tu biasa je la ..
    xde pape..

  4. Wah Lia, nice dress.... suka tengok gambar paling atas sekali.... very2 nice.... :)

  5. ChilaBaey's,
    thz mus.
    nice ke?
    biasa je tgk.

  6. memang style amek gambar senget ke kiri senget ke kanan eh..haha..nice pic btw..

  7. -xoul-,
    dlm proses belajar lg..

  8. i hari nanti kannn....kalau ada rezeki kita gather2 sama blogger....abg eq nak ambik pic pauline.....hehe

  9. eqbalzack,
    ok je.
    jom gathering.
    boleh jupe kawan blogger..


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