my brother convocation

April 01, 2010

My last weekend, went to Tanjung Malim.
My brother convocation.
Congratulation to him.

In two days, banyak tempat dah pergi.
Tanjung Malim , Genting Highland & KL.
Jenjalan kat Genting & stay at KL.

Waiting for my turn.
Sejam perjalanan dari Tanjung Malim ke Genting Highland.
Weekend memang ramai orang.
Beratur pun panjang.

In the skyway.

View from my skyway.

Flowers for my brother.

my new wedges.

Me and my brother.
wearing red baju kurung.

Me & my brother friends.
Politeknik Tanjung Malim convocation.

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6 inspiration

  1. macam saya nmpk wedges mcm tuh yesterday.. dekat voir..

    anyway congratz to ur brader..

  2. a d r e y n i e e l i s y a,
    wedges tu belikat voir.
    nampak cam klasik jer.
    tu yang beli..



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