hangout with my two boyfriends

May 04, 2010

Last two weekend, meet two of my new boyfriends.
Not my special boyfriends.
But my best friends.
Anyway was a long time never meet each others.
About 3 or 4 month.
So two of them came back to Penang for holiday,
came to see me. ;-)
We have a great weekend at Queensbay Mall.

My Grilled Chicken Breast Burger

Some extra Peri Chips

I love Nandos Ice Lemon Tea very much.

Helmi & Fazirul

Me with Fazirul

We have our lunch at Nandos.
Talking. Gosipping.

My bestfriend, Fazirul.

Although my friends was busy with their life.
Studying, working, dating with their gf,
But they never forget me as their friends.
Thankz being my friends

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8 inspiration

  1. pssttt...gosiping apa tu? hehe

  2. ♥ Vee Violet ♥,
    Peri chip nandos mmg terbaik.

  3. eqbalzack,
    shhh rahsia la abg eq.
    xleh gtau.


  4. Baguslah macam tu, maih ada masa untuk diluangkan bersama kawan2 baik.... :)

  5. ChiLaBaey's,
    kalau free time je dpt jupe.
    kalau jupe kene spent time betul2 la.

  6. waaawwoooaa.. bestfriend huh?? ahahaha. jk. :)

  7. ~ Ann ~,
    best friends la.
    kawan baik x kire jantina ke pompuan kan.


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