My 2011 wish list

January 25, 2011

This is all my wish list in 2011.

1) A Car

2) A New Handphone

3) Save up enough/more money

4) Vacation/travel the world

5) Continue study and get degree

6) Buy my first house

7) Own business

8) Better job that I love doing


10) Birthday Party

11) Pink Bedroom

12) Shoes collection

13) Closet Collection

14) Handbag

15) Accessories

Last but not least,

I hope I can do it.
I can make.


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11 inspiration

  1. banyak nye pinkkkkkkkk, haha. Nice blog. cumilll.

  2. bighagenjo,
    yup sebab i suka kaler pink.
    thankz (:

  3. miss lolly,
    yes yes nak pink bedroom.
    nak cat bilik len.

  4. Jue,
    kan best ade keta kaler pink cmtuh.

  5. luv u coz u luv pinkkk just like me... ^_^

  6. farra8979,
    wah tengs..
    i love pink colour very very very much.

    keep smile ;-)

  7. utk permulaan..aku bg kau caryon warne pink amacam..boleh kaler2


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