Cool Dolly Orange

May 17, 2011

Alhamdullillah praise to Allah.
My own blogshop is official launched two month ago.
Sambutan yang baik dari semua orang.
Akhirnya hasrat tercapai nak ada blogshop sendiri.
Sangat hepi.
& first time join flea market buka booth sendiri.

Thanks a lot for your supporting especially my mom, adik, boyfie & close friends.
To all my customers,
Thank shopping with Cool Dolly Orange.
Do shopping again next time.

Cool Dolly Orange have an official facebook page.
Like Us on facebook.
Boleh Like Sekarang.

CDO also have an official website

Be our followers for more info yaa ;-)

CDO have a lovely tops, leggings, & dress.

Email us at

Okay once again.
Like us on facebook.

Visit us.

Thanks ;-)

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