Snow Time at Little Oasis

February 14, 2012

Salam semuanya.
rindu sama blog berhabuk ni.

Last Sunday, I had simple dish at Little Oasis with Mr. Boyfie.
I know this Little Oasis from groupon.
I saw offer for 2 Nos of ice cream for RM9.90.
& quickly bought it through Maybank2u.
First time guna groupon ni.

Little Oasis located at Level 3, Pragin Mall,
Jalan Tun Dr Lim Chwee Long,
Georgetown 10100,

Our dish is Ice Floss with a variety flavour.
-25 darjah celcius.
Pergi Pragin Mall semata-mata makan aiskrim jer,
pastu balik.
Sebab groupon dah hantar email remind suruh guna sebelum tarikh luput.

The outlet facelift :

Little Oasis is easy to find.
Kalau kita pusing-pusing kat Pragin Mall,
kita akan nampak tulisan hijau besar tulisan Little Oasis.
Cafe ini sederhana je taklah besar sangat.
Decoration simple and nice.
A lot using white colour for painting and furniture.

This cafe is a Pork Free Restaurant.
But we only have our ice-cream at there.
Open daily from 11.00 am until 9.00 pm.

And our menu is :

Peach Ice Floss
Rasa peach terlalu masam.

Chocolate Ice Floss
yang ni sedap.

Price for 1 Ice Floss is RM 8.60 only.

Other than two flavors, they have Lemon Lime Ice Floss, Orange Ice Floss, Strawberry Ice Floss, Black Sesame Ice Floss, Green Tea Ice Floss, Mango Ice Floss, Lychee Ice Floss, etc.

Okay last sekali muka budak pucat makan Ice Floss.

Kalau ade tempat menarik untuk makan di Penang sila info ya.

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4 inspiration

  1. hye's me dania.. it's been long time didn't hear from check out my new blog.. :)

  2. @Suterayu
    dania ke ni.
    mana menghilang whre ur fb?
    lama x contact.

  3. fb dania deactivate..dania tukar no, nnt dania mesg lia, blog pun blog baru..kne private skit skang ade stalker kacau family dania..
    ermm..dania dah brenti keje nak cri keje kat kl plak..

  4. @Miss D
    0oo yeke.
    pm ur no kt no lia tau nnti.
    yeke dh keje kt kl.
    dania hilang. haritu ade kenduri membe nak ajak dania sekali.
    kalau buat new fb add la friend okay.


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