Deciding what you need is crucial to finding the right rental home

September 04, 2017

Buying a house in Melaka is still something that you can not afford yet. With living expenses being so high nowadays, you try to minimize all costs as much as possible. Therefore you decide to look for house for rent in Melaka and start comparing prices in order score a cheaper deal for yourself and find the perfect rental home. Renting a place is a big deal and can be quite intimating though exciting, especially for first timer. Moreover, there are a lot of things to consider before you sign the lease agreement. This guide will tell you the crucial tips in deciding what you need in finding the right rental home for you.

1. Decide on your ideal neighborhood

Location is an important factor as it makes a huge impact in your daily life. Is the neighborhood that you are checking out near to supermarkets, education institutions or restaurants? Is the neighborhood quiet and family friendly? Decidewhether the location should be in the city center, or right next to public transportation before you sign the lease agreement.

2. Determine the type of your preferred house

There are many types of home for rent in Melaka for you to choose from, ranging from condominium, apartment, semi-detached house, terrace house, bungalow? Which do you prefer? This shoud also depends on the number of members staying in the house. For example, a duplex suite will best suiit a single family. Most importantly, you should always be realistic and stay within your budget. Figure out a place that suits your budget and needs best. You certainly do not want to end up with insufficient fund after paying for your rental, not forgetting the utilities fees and micellaneous fee

3. Size of the house

In fact, size does matter when it comes to renting the right house in Malaysia. Take into consideration the number of members staying in one house. Do you need a four bedrooms unit if there are only 3 people staying together? Do you need that extra guest room? You need to determine how big the unit should be and how many bedrooms you need for the people staying together.

4. The parking space

Most condominiums offer at least one parking spot for each unit, depending on the size of unit. However, if there is more than one tenant in a unit, you might have to discuss with the owner on how he assigns to parking lot. You might need to fork out extra money to rent for a parking spot from the condominium's management.

5. Is it pet friendly?

Most, if not all contracts restrict having animals in their property. However, there are some exceptions where the landlords allow certain case with small dogs or cats only allowed in the house. This, however does not apply to bigger sized animals such as a Labrador, or a Golden Retriever. Do check with the house owner's pet policies and ask if the landlord requires a pet deposit before deciding on the rental.

6. Amenities

After deciding on a location that you prefer, you can check for amenities within the proximity. If you have young children, schools within your proximity will be an added advantage. Closer proximity to your workplace will be a good option as you certainly do not want to be stuck in a massive traffic jam daily on the way to work. Also, think of the essential ammenities that you need in a rental house, such as, dishwasher, swimming pool, gymnasium or basketball court.

7. The design of the house

Are you particular with the design of the house? Is there any design that you think you can not stand? Make sure you check them thoroughly before moving in to avoid making any major renovation to the house that has breach the lease agreement that you signed.

8. The direction of the house

We Malaysians can be superstitious at times. Different cultures and races have different superstitious beliefs. When it comes to choosing the right property, it is said that units that are facing T-junctions are considered bad, house number or unit floor with the number 4 or 13 will bring bad luck, units facing cemeteries, nearby cemeteries, places that are said to be haunted or scene of death or suicide are said to be bad, therefore, most people will avoid them as the resale value will be low. Well, it is always better to be safe than sorry but it is still up to you to believe or not. In addition, the direction of the house plays a role in the lighting of the house as well. If your bedroom faces the east side, you will then be greeted with sunshine daily. The temperature of your house will also depend on the direction of the house as the place can get really hot in the afternoon it is facing the west.

9. Outdoor spaces

Do you need an outdoor space such as a garden or a yard for gardening purpose or for your children and dogs to play outdoors? Or do you need just a paved space that is enough for you to put 2 chairs and plant a few pots of flowers that most condominiums offer?

It may seem like a long list to ask yourself before deciding to rent a place, but these are thecrucial questions that will lead you to lesser

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