5 tips to fasten the selling process

5 tips to fasten the selling process

Selling your home for the first time can be time-consuming, emotionally challenging and exhausting especially when the transactions did not go smoothly with buyers and have to ended up in the small claims tribunal. It is natural for homeowners to want the process to end with the best possible outcome. If you are planning to sell your house sometime in the near future, your ultimate goal is to see your property being sold quickly and at a high profit. However, in many cases, the property can sit in the market for months and worst case, years if there’s no show for time and effort. There are many reasons as to why it happens. It can be the homeowner’s mistakes itself. Nonetheless, here are some tips to increase the chances to sell the soonest. 

1. Get sale-ready

If you are in the process of buying a new property as well as selling it, make sure you are prepared as you can be. This includes arranging a solicitor, speaking to mortgage adviser and having all necessary documents ready to keep the chain running smoothly. Getting all your documents ready to go will ensure your end of the sales chain will not be a source of delays. 
When the right buyer come knocking on your door, you are able to proceed the soonest and hand over the documents for your buyers to sign straightaway.  

2. First impression matters

It is true that the appeal of the property has been proven to be a major factor for buyers. Most of them will make up their minds about your property within few minutes of arriving. Make sure your front door is tidy and well-maintained. Freshly paint walls and the doors could make all the difference. Besides, cleanliness is very important as well because you can convince your buyer by saying that the house is guaranteed clean when move in. On the other hand, if it’s a messy home, it will be a huge turn off for the buyers to buy. For house owners who keep pets, make sure clean the compound as well. It would be deal breaker if the buyer were to step on droppings. 

3. Select the right agent

It can be a mistake but hiring the wrong agent is a bigger mistake. You will need to choose an experienced agent with the best marketing plan to sell your property. Most of the property owners will select property agent that offers them the highest and best price. What you will need to do is to look for an agent who has experience in the area in which the property is located and have a depth of knowledge on the real estate market. Make sure your agents understand your needs and wants when it comes to dealing or negotiating with your potential buyers. This is to make sure you don’t make any loss or going through hassles during the transactions. 

4. Home improvement

The quality of the house is one of the decision maker whether to buy the house or not. They may be willing to overlook other area of the house except for the kitchen and bathrooms. Often the water system is always related to the kitchen and bathrooms, if there are any water leakages broken in any of the pipes at home, it can costs a lot if it is not treated immediately. Apart from that, inspect the whole house carefully, you can begin by checking the cracks on the walls and ceilings. Once you found them, hire specialists and get it repair immediately. Get technicians or experts to have it inspect and repair the broken things in your house. 

5. Photogenic house

Taking picture is easy but taking good picture is a challenge. To make your house listed on the property portal or websites, you need well-photograph pictures to showcase the house. If the house looks unattractive, they may not even bother driving to the location for viewing. After all, pictures sell. So avoid taking pictures in low resolution, dim lighting and awkward angles. Bad images definitely turn off potential buyers. Use a good camera or hire a professional photographer to help you in taking your house photos. 

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